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Staying Energy Efficient This Winter

With winter upon us, you may think that the time for being environmentally friendly and energy efficient has passed.
After all, heaters can be notorious for hiking up your utilities. Do not despair. At Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, we have compiled a shortlist of ways to continue your energy-efficient streak through the colder temperatures.

Winter Energy Efficiency Tips

  1. Make Sure Your Vents Are Unobstructed: Your vents get the hot air to your rooms. Do not cover them up! When you cover them up or obstruct them with an ottoman, it takes longer for your heater to realize the warm air has reached its destination.
  2. Replace Worn Weather Stripping: Always check your weather stripping for wear and tear. When this is worn down, it can create drafts through your home.
  3. Use The Sun To Your Advantage: Even though it is super cold, the sun can still warm up your home! During the day time, open up your window curtains to let the natural light in. This will save you from having to kick your heater on.
  4. Upgrade Your Thermostat: Programmable thermostats are fantastic little systems that allow you to tell your thermostat how to keep your home comfortable. These can greatly lower your heating bill by only turning on your furnace at certain times during the day.
  5. Have Your Furnace And Heater Tuned Up: Whether its a brand new heater or getting on in years, a tune-up can get your heating system ready for each season. Many people do not continue maintenance on a furnace during the warmer months, so a tune up will get your system up to par.

We hope these tips will help lower your utility bills! When you need a heating tune up, give us a call at (478) 781-9107! Happy holidays from Total Comfort Cooling & Heating!

3 Reasons to Install a Humidifier this Winter

Although it’s still fairly warm in Macon, GA, you can expect lower temperatures all too soon as fall winds down. Winters here are typically less humid, which may sound good at first compared to muggy summer days. However, dry air has many adverse effects, so you may want to consider our reasons to install a humidifier this winter.

Save Money on Heating Bills

Moist air retains more heat than dry air, so your home will be warmer if you simply install a humidifier and use it during the winter months. This also reduces the strain on your heater, so you are less likely to need repairs. It also lengthens its lifespan! Not to mention, all that money you save on the bills can go to holiday gifts or charities.

Decrease the Likelihood of Sickness

Dry air plays a role in spreading sicknesses like colds and the flu, as well as seasonal allergies. Moist air, however, lubricates your nasal passages and decreases the likelihood of getting sick in the wintertime. Humidifiers are an effective solution to this problem. These handy devices will bring you good health throughout the dry and cold winter months.

Protect your Home

Wood tends to expand in low humidity and contract when the air is moist. This can be a nightmare if you live in a home with wooden door and window frames, as well as other fixtures made of wood. Leather furniture is also at risk of cracking in dry air. Protect your wooden cabinets, frames and other fixtures, as well as any leather furniture, by stabilizing the humidity level in your house with a humidifier!

Don’t let dry air get you sick or even destroy your belongings this winter. Instead, you can install a humidifier and save money on your heating bills! If you are interested in installing a humidifier in Macon this winter, you can call our pros at 678-614-3772 for more information. 

Winter’s Coming: How To Prep Your Furnace

Winter is coming just around the corner. Most of us in Macon, GA is starting to think about those colder temperatures and seasonal shifts. Wondering if it is time to kick your furnace on yet? We know it can be a quick flip of the switch for some of us, however, making sure you complete the proper maintenance for your furnace can save your home pain in the long run. We have assembled a quick checklist for you on prepping your furnace for the oncoming cold.

Furnace Prep Checklist:

  1. Always Change Your Filter – Your air filter works hard to keep your air breathable and safe for you and your family. Make sure you change it for a new one between seasons.
  2. Check Your Furnace For Any Debris And Dust – Debris could hinder your furnace from working properly. It is important to make sure this is cleared away before starting your furnace up.
  3. Change Your System From Cooling To Heating – On most thermostats, this is a quick flip of the switch!
  4. Assess Your Windows – While your furnace will be working hard to keep your home warm this winter, we do not want it working any harder than it has to. Check your windows to see if there are any drafts and if repair or replacement may be necessary.
  5. Have A Specialist Inspect Your Furnace And Chimney

Having a specialist inspect your furnace will ensure any and all problems or remediable issues will be fixed quickly. Your furnace needs to last you through all winter, and that is just what we want it to do! If you need a furnace inspection, call Total Comfort Cooling & Heating LLC today at (478) 781-9107!

4 Signs That Your AC Refrigerant Is Low

Although summer is winding down, it’s not quite time to turn off your AC. Being in Georgia, we know that temperatures can still be a bit higher around this time or year. So you have to make sure that your AC is up and running as well as it has been for the entire summer. A common problem that comes up with cooling systems is a lack of refrigerant, also known as Freon. But how do you know that your refrigerant is low?

Ice on Refrigerant Line

Take a look at the copper refrigerant line on your outdoor unit. If you see there is ice build up, this can be an signal that you have low refrigerant level. The interior of the unit’s evaporator coil becomes too cold when your refrigerant level becomes too low. This causes the cold liquid to flow back through the refrigerant line which can cause major damage to the unit’s compressor.

Increased Energy Bill

Because the lack of refrigerant, your air conditioner has to run longer and worker harder than it should to cool your home or business. The more work the unit has to do, the higher your electric bill will be.

Strange Noises

The one cause of low refrigerant is a leak. So if yo’re noticing bubbling or hissing noises, this is likely to be caused by refrigerant escaping somewhere along the line.

Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

The sole responsibility of refrigerant is to soak up all the heat from the air that i blowing out of your cooling unit. The lower the refrigerant, the less heat is extracted. The less heat extracted, the warmer the air is coming out of the AC.

The best way to avoid problems with your AC unit, big or small, is to have regular maintenance. And the best company to handle that for you is Total Comfort Cooling and Heating. Call us to set up your regular maintenance schedule. You can reach us at 478-781-9107

Whole-Home Dehumidification

We are no strangers to humidity in the Macon area. And now that summer is here, you’re probably all to familiar with it (and remembering just how much you despise it). While humidity is an aspect that your air conditioner manages as part of the overall comfort inside your home, many systems are lacking in both humidification and dehumidification abilities to ensure that your A/C is responsive to the current conditions. Especially in older systems, you may be getting cool air blowing out the vents, but moisture in the air isn’t being managed, which can lead to that sticky, muggy feeling indoors as well as outdoors.

Other signs of improperly managed humidity include:

  • Condensation developing inside the windows and on mirrors
  • Increase of insects inside the house
  • Musty smells in rooms
  • Skin feels sticky and clammy
  • Sweating when temperature is normal (and should be making you feel cool)

Worse, excess moisture left unchecked can also lead to mold and mildew growth, dust mite infestations, and warping or damage to wood floors and furniture.

If you’re experiencing anything listed above, or if you in general don’t feel like your system is conditioning the air in a way that actually brings comfort indoors, it’s time to call the professionals for an evaluation. We want to understand where your current A/C and heating system is letting you down, and we can explore together options for whole-home dehumification and humidification (if you have the opposite problem and feel dry) to ensure you and your family are getting the comfort you’re paying for every month. Call us at (478) 781-9107 to learn more!

Don’t Waste Money on Summer Cooling Bills

Summertime should be for fun in the sun, road trips, and lazy weekend barbecues with family and friends. At the end of the day, though, coming inside to a comfortable home shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. Summer cooling bills are awfully high, especially in the Southern states, but there are some things you can do to reduce the cost. Here are a few short- and long-term ideas!

Short-term: Have your air ducts cleaned.

Dirty ducts make your air conditioning unit work harder, as it tries to blow cool air past the blockages. This uses more energy, and costs you more. Have a professional com out and clean your ducts. Also, replace your air filters when they begin to look dirty.

Short-term: Have your roof painted.

It might not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to energy conservation, but it is fairly quick and easy. Having your roof painted white or off-white will help it deflect the sun’s heating rays, leaving your home cooler as a result. It takes some of the cooling burden off of your AC unit without using any energy at all.

Short-term: Get Energy Star appliances.

You have probably seen the Energy Star sticker on various items at the hardware store. It signifies appliances and building materials that are approved by the EPA for their energy conservation. Many air conditioning units are Energy Star-rated.

Long-term: Plant trees and get better roofing.

The more protection your home has from the sun, the better. Plant trees near your home that will provide shade in years to come. Ask a local nursery about fast-growing trees that are native to your area. Also, check with a roofer to make sure your roof has the best possible insulation. You might even benefit from a weatherproof layer that keeps the coolness in and the heat out.

Give us a call today, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about reducing your summer energy bill!

3 Ways to Protect Yourself from HVAC Scams

Lots of contractor scammers come out of the woodwork following severe weather events. These dishonest people want to make a fast buck by taking your money and leaving you hanging, then moving on without finishing the work you paid for. Here are three ways to protect yourself from HVAC scammers this summer, and all year round.

Watch for Sneaky Upsells and Add-Ons

If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is. Some scammers will offer you an extremely low price on their products and services. They intend to make a profit by pressuring you into buying other, pricier products once their work has begun. Or they might just take your money as their payday, and leave without fixing your HVAC system. Be vigilant, and don’t get in too much of a hurry to say yes.

Don’t Let Them Pressure You

An ethical HVAC company will not try to pressure you into buying something on the spot by telling you that the discounted price is only in place for the day. Reputable companies know that you need time to consider what you want and what you can afford. If a contractor tells you that you only have one chance to get a discount on their goods and services, it should raise a red flag.

Do Your Research

Have you heard of the company the contractor represents? Are they BBB accredited? Do they have good reviews online? Are they licensed and bonded? Scammers might scoff and try to minimize the importance of such things, but a good HVAC company takes their credentials very seriously. Before you choose one, do some online research to learn more about who you’re dealing with.

Looking for a reputable HVAC contractor? Give us a call today so that we can answer your questions and find a good solution for you!

Heating for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving behind us and more festivities still ahead, now is the perfect time to get your home ready for winter weather. Before the in-laws arrive, ensure your home is being heated efficiently and effectively. If you have any questions about your heating system, feel free to contact our expert HVAC techs. We will help you find the right heating solution for your home.

Having Your Heater Holiday Ready

During the winter season it can be difficult to heat your home. Often your heater may fail to heat one room while the others are comfortably warm. Uneven heating can be caused by dirty air ducts, a clogged air filter, or a variety of other issues. Instead of turning up your whole heating system to simply heat one room, you can temporarily utilize a space heater while you call for quick service from a professional HVAC technician.

Some heaters may emit a burning smell. This often indicates that your heating coils are burning off the dust that has collected during the time your heater wasn’t being used. Sounds (and smells) gross, doesn’t it? To avoid a smelly heater this winter, quick maintenance from an HVAC technician will get your heater in great shape.

Call us today at 478-781-9107 for holiday heating!

About Exhaust Fans

Some parts of our home we just tend to take for granted. We don’t know exactly what they do, and perhaps the noise they make annoys us at times. Many people feel this way about their exhaust fans. However, they do serve an important function. Here, we’ll tell you a little bit about them, and why you need to keep them in good condition.

How they help you:

In the kitchen, your exhaust fan performs the very necessary service of clearing out smoke from your oven and stove. Nobody wants a house full of smoke, and these devices keep that from happening.

In the bathroom, they help remove moisture from the air. Moisture can actually become a health hazard if not taken care of, it creates an environment conducive to mold and bacteria growth.

Do you need repairs or installation in your home? If you do, trust the professionals at Total Comfort Cooling & Heating to perform this service. To find out a little more about us, give us a call at our Macon location at (478) 781-9107 or at our Dublin location at (478) 275-4590.

Do You Need An Energy Recovery Ventilator?

Anyone who has bought a home knows the importance of conserving energy; it doesn’t come cheap! While you use energy in a lot of different ways, a large portion of that bill comes from your HVAC system. You can talk with your HVAC technician about all of the ways to save energy, but in the meantime, we’ll discuss one of them here: the energy recovery ventilator.

What is it, exactly?

An energy recovery ventilator takes the exhausted air from your home and uses it to “precondition” (change the temperature) of the air coming from outside. By heating up or cooling down the outside air before your HVAC system has to work on it, you save on the energy running the system as well as decrease the likelihood of damage to the system from overuse. 


Does this sound like something you’d like to take advantage of? If so, give the professionals at Total Comfort Cooling & Heating a call for more information. You can reach us at (478) 781-9107 for our Macon location or at (478) 275-4590 for our Dublin location.