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The Importance Of Your Thermostat

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Your thermostat does more than just sit on your wall and change the temperature of your home. Depending on what kind you get, your thermostat can do all sorts of things like help with your energy bill and even change the temperature in your home to what you like it to be at certain times of the day. Before the cold winter months are hanging over us, you might want to think about looking at your thermostat or having a professional take a look at your system to make sure it will work properly for you all winter long. In the cold winter months full of rain, you should have your gutters checked while you are at it and consider aluminum gutters if you don’t have them already. There is no reason you should get stuck in the cold with a thermostat that doesn’t work so if you have thermostat replacement services done, you will be ready for everything.

What Thermostats Can Do For Your Energy Efficiency

Heat – Many of the thermostats that are out now can be worked right from your phone. That means you can schedule or use your phone to get your heater bumping before you ever get home.

Cool Down – Just like you can heat up your home, you can cool it down as well. If a heat wave rolls in while you are out of town and you need to keep your pets cooled down, you can do that right from your phone in some cases.

Turn Off – Thermostats can be scheduled to turn off at certain times of day so they can actually save you money without you having to do anything.

Steady Temperature – Keeping a steady temperature in your home has never been easier with the setting of your thermostat system.

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Is Your AC Leaking?

The AC in your home runs the game as far as how cool your house stays on a regular basis. This makes it one of the most important functions in your home. So if it ends up with an AC leak, you will want to get that taken care of right away. AC units can be located in many different spots. Some are in closets inside your house, some are up in your attic, and some are even on your roof. You will want to be careful because if the refrigerant in your rooftop AC continues to leak, you could end up with a pretty serious roof repair to take care of.

Signs Your AC Is Leaking


An Anual Inspection On Your AC Can Avoid Repairs.

These are a few of the major signs that the refrigerant in your AC may be leaking. You will want to get this checked out right away to avoid a full AC replacement.

High Electric Bill – If you see that your energy bill is steadily increasing higher than before with no justifiable cause, it may be a leak.

Less Cooling Power – Is your home taking much longer to cool down than ever before? If something is leaking, that means that more energy is being used to get fewer results.

Frozen Coils – If coils freeze, the condensation may begin to melt off causing a leak that will need to be fixed.

Hissing Noises – If this is happening on any machine in your HVAC system, it is not a good sign. Your system should be running quietly.

If you have signs that you have an AC leak in Macon, GA, call Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC at 478-781-9107.

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

New Air Conditioner

A New Air Conditioner Can Bring Big Savings Thanks to Its Energy Efficiency.

As the temperatures rise, we all ask for more service from our homes’ air conditioners. While these units are designed to handle any demand, their summer workload can reveal latent issues or lead to outright failure. To prevent the loss of your AC’s service when you need it most, pay attention to the following signs. When they begin to appear, you’ll need to consider the need for a new air conditioner.

No Cool Air

The most obvious sign that your AC needs replacement is a total lack of cool air. This could result from a number of issues, from a malfunctioning thermostat, to a failed compressor. Regardless, the age of your device and the extent of required repairs should provide key indicators over whether the time has come for replacement.


Two fluids, refrigerant and water, can appear to indicate a need for AC repair or replacement. If you begin to find water around your unit or leaking through your ceiling, then your AC has condensation problems. An air conditioner will naturally create condensation, though it should be eliminated through a special drainage pipe. The appearance of refrigerant presents a much more serious issue. If you unit has begun to leak its coolant, stay away from the chemical and call a professional. Whereas a water leak can generally be repaired, coolant leaks can require a whole new AC.

Old Age

A well-maintained air conditioner can last in excess of 10 years. If your device has met or surpassed this mark, schedule an inspection with a trusted professional. At the very least, improved energy efficiency in newer models can provide a reason for replacement. As your energy bills go down, a new AC can pay for itself in a remarkably short period of time.

For any needs with a new air conditioner in Macon, GA, call the local experts at Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC. We’re always available for your service at 478-781-9107.

Are You Doing Your AC Unit Inspections Wrong?

Fixing AC Unit Wiring

Schedule AC Unit Maintenance Before Your Home is in Crisis and You’ll Likely Save Money.

Thousands, if not millions of homeowners in America are not using AC unit inspections the way they were intended to be used. If you’re wondering how that’s possible and how you can better take advantage of them in the future, you’re in luck! Here are three ways to better take advantage of your AC unit inspections. 

Inspection Tip #1: Get a Second Opinion

Too many homeowners follow the first recommendation their serviceman provides without questioning it. The sad truth is many HVAC companies are not trustworthy. The typical way to spot a crooked “salesman” is when they immediately suggest replacement or upgrades without going through your other options. You don’t have to take the first professional opinion you receive as gospel.

Inspection Tip #2: Don’t Wait for a Crisis

Many, if not the majority of homeowners don’t schedule an HVAC unit inspection until there’s a huge problem with their system. Regular system checkups will uncover minor problems before they require significant repair costs. If you wait for an emergency, you’ll be less inclined to seek another opinion or research other replacement options. Schedule your checkups once a year, or at least every two years.

Inspection Tip #3: Ask Questions and Start Planning

When they hear part of their HVAC system will need replacement in a few years, many homeowners stop asking questions and forget about it. If your inspector says your AC unit will stop working within five years, ask them about ideal replacement solutions. After all, your specialist likely knows the latest technology on the market. You can start saving now for that ideal replacement and not need to panic when the day arrives.

If you have any questions about AC unit inspections or would like to find out more information on your home’s system, talk with one of our courteous professionals at Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC. Call us at 478-781-9107.

Upgrading Your Old Duct System

Aging Duct System

Traditional Duct Systems Require Large Amounts of Space to Operate.

Do you have an old, noisy duct system? Many homeowners feel a stinging irritation every time their air conditioning turns on with a clanging, obnoxious humming. Your aging duct system however, could be costing you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary energy waste. It’s true! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic.” 30 percent! To avoid this exorbitant waste, here a few ways you can upgrade your old AC duct system.

#1: Going Ductless

You can easily avoid duct losses if there aren’t any ducts in the first place. With ductless mini-split air conditioning systems, you can circulate air throughout the house without the cumbersome space requirements of traditional duct systems. Many of these mini-split systems allow you to customize different temperatures between rooms, allowing the both the hot blooded and cold-nature folks to relax in comfort.

#2: Shrinking the System

Mini ducts take a much smaller, efficient approach to conditioning your home. With minuscule, flexible piping, pressure is multiplied and air circulated much faster throughout the house. The best part of mini ducts however, is that homeowners can either replace or expand upon their existing duct work. This is especially useful for those looking to extend air conditioning to an add-on room or garage.

#3: Radiant Heating / Cooling

This method is a little more expensive, but perfect for new property development and home renovations. Radiant heating and cooling systems utilize the natural rise of heat to circulate air throughout each room. Special tubing is installed into the floor and walls, making this HVAC model a great way to save space. If you’re thinking about installing new hardwood or tile floors on your property, it might be the perfect time to consider a radiant HVAC system as well.

All of these systems offer homeowners greatly improved energy efficiency for their HVAC model. If you’re curious about how you could upgrade your aging duct system, talk to one of our knowledgeable experts at478-781-9107.

Spring A/C Maintenance and Check-Up

Now that winter is over, spring is the perfect time to have an inspection and maintenance performed on your air conditioner unit – especially before the Georgia heat hits in full force. Don’t be left in a mind without air conditioning this summer. Our experienced technicians at Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC can ensure that your a/c unit is in good, working order before summer arrives.

Don’t Be in a Bind This Summer – Call Us Now.

Here are Four Reasons to Have a Spring A/C Check-Up

  1. Your technician will be able to find and solve small problems in your unit before they become big, expensive problems. You should routinely perform maintenance on your a/c unit, and there is no better time than before summer hits.
  2. Your technician can analyze and address the efficiency of your unit. If your unit is not operating at maximum efficiency, your utility bills will skyrocket during the summer.
  3. In the summer, everyone begins constantly using their a/c unit – and contacting our technicians when they discover problems. Have us out to inspect your air conditioner today and before our technicians become booked up.
  4. Your can improve the quality of your air by our technicians thoroughly cleaning your a/c unit before you start regularly using it.

Don’t wait – call us today at (478) 781-9107 for a spring a/c check-up in Macon, GA and surrounding areas.

Could Your Health Benefit from a Whole Home Humidifier?

Whole Home Humidifier

A Whole Home Humidifier Provides Many Different Health Benefits.

The air quality in your home impacts your health more than you might think. This includes the humidity levels. If there is too much moisture in the air, your home might experience mold and mildew growth, which is extremely detrimental to your health. On the other hand, if there isn’t enough moisture in the air, it can produce a wide range of health concerns. If you’re worried about the humidity levels in your home, you can get better control over them with a whole home humidifier from Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC.

Health Benefits from a Whole Home Humidifier

The human body is almost 60% water, which means that low moisture levels can have uncomfortable side effects. You could drink extra water to compensate for a lack of humidity in your home, or you could install a whole home humidifier and enjoy the following health benefits:

No More Dry Skin
Low humidity levels can cause your skin to dry out. This results in cracked lips, itchy skin and can sometimes even lead to a severe rash. With a whole home humidifier, you can keep your skin moist and soft. You might also save money on hand lotion.

Fewer Illnesses
Our lungs, throat, and sinuses all have mucus membranes that are designed to keep us from getting sick. If these membranes dry out because of a lack of moisture in the air, it can result in severe cold, flu and allergy symptoms. Installing a humidifier in your home can lessen the severity of these symptoms and prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

Get Better Sleep
Clearly, low levels of moisture in the air can result in serious discomfort, which could lead to low sleep quality. Installing a whole-home humidifier can mitigate a variety of factors that are making it difficult to sleep at night and improve your quality of life.

For more information about the benefits of purchasing a whole home humidifier in Macon, GA, call 478-781-9107 today.

Get Better Air Quality in Your Home

Cold weather has had many people curled up in their homes recently. That means no opening the windows for fresh air; you’re forced to breathe the air in your home, and if it’s not of good quality, that can cause all sorts of problems. You don’t have to let the air quality in your home remain as is; you can improve it.


Start by cleaning your HVAC vents. All the air in your system moves through these, and so when they’re dirty, they spread those allergens in the air. All you need is a good duster to trap those particles and keep them from blowing around your home.


Duct cleaning is just as important. It’s hard to clean your ducts of dust and debris on your own, however, so hire a professional to do it. The worst places where allergens and dust collect are often the places you can’t see and reach, but a professional HVAC technician knows how to get there. That person has equipment to clear your ducts of dust.


Dirty Air Filter

Change Your Filters for Better Air Quality.

Changing filters is something you should do regularly all year long. Too many people ignore this task, however, and it’s even more important during winter when you’re spending more time inside, breathing that air. All that dust, hair, and other particles collects in those filters quickly, affecting the air quality.

You can also invest in a new filtration system for your home. At Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC, we can help you with the air quality of your home. Call us today at (478) 781-9107 for HVAC services in Macon, GA.

Save Money on Heat this Winter

Winter is here. With all the joy it can bring, there are a few annoyances, like utility bills. You’ll probably experience a spike no matter what you do as you run your heater to keep things comfortable at home. That spike doesn’t have to drain your bank account, however. Try these tips to save money on heat this winter.

Check Weatherstripping and Insulation

Cold Woman in Winter Jacket Hugging Pillow

Save Money on Heat this Winter.

The cooler the home, the harder your heater will have to work. You need to make sure that your home is as protected as possible from incoming cold air. Check the weatherstripping on your windows and in doors. Check for air leaks in other openings, too. If you haven’t had your home’s insulation checked, do so. The attic insulation is particularly important; the heat in your home rises. If there is not enough insulation up there, you’ll lose much of that heat your HVAC system is producing.

Leave the Thermostat Alone

There are many methods for controlling the temperature in your home and saving energy. One of them is to find a temperature that is comfortable, set it, and then leave it alone. When you change the thermostat setting, your heating system works for you. But it takes power every time you do that. Instead, choose something, leave it, and then be flexible. When you need a little extra warmth, dress a little more warmly, or use a blanket, but don’t mess with the thermostat.

Lift the Shades

Even if it’s cold outside, if there is good sunshine, that can warm up a room significantly. Lift those shutters and shades and let the sun in to get some extra heat. It won’t cost you a thing.

These tips and more will help you save money on heat this winter. If you need someone to help you and your HVAC system get through the season, call us at (478) 781-9107 for heating and cooling services in Macon, GA and the surrounding areas.

Have a Heater Inspection This Fall

Fall is here and winter is coming. You may feel comfortable enjoying this season and looking forward to the coming holidays, but you also want to be ready when winter hits. When is the last time you had your heating system inspected? Fall is a great time to make sure your heating system is functioning and have any maintenance done before the winter season hits. Call us today at (478) 781-9107 and schedule your heating system inspection and maintenance today.

White Boiler or Furnace in White Room

Have a Heater Inspection This Fall. Call Us!

Why Schedule a Heater Inspection

Just because your HVAC system seems to be running well, that doesn’t mean you should continue leaving it to run without checking on it. Heater maintenance should be part of your home care plan. Tune-ups help make sure you have good air quality, well-running parts, and extend the life of your HVAC system.

If your system is a gas heating system, for example, you want the connections, pressure, burners, and heat exchangers to be checked for efficiency and safety. Schedule a furnace inspection. Even if your winters are not terribly cold, you don’t want to be without heat suddenly, and in need of emergency HVAC repairs that could be expensive. Unnoticed wear and tear on your heating system is also dangerous. Don’t risk your comfort and safety; if you haven’t had your heating system inspection done in a long time, call for one before the seasons change again.

At Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC, we know HVAC systems. Call us at (478) 781-9107 today to schedule your heater inspection and be ready to enjoy the coming winter.