How does solar air conditioning work?

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What is solar air conditioning system?

Like everywhere else in the country today, homeowners in Georgia are taking a serious look at going solar power. The idea you’re paid for generating your own electricity and getting paid for it sounds too good to be true, but it is true! However, when it comes to keeping  your home cool in the deep south summers like Macon Georgia, is solar air conditioning going to work? 

We’re going to answer some concerns and questions about solar air conditioners and air conditioning and solar panels. What about those cloudy days, will your solar air conditioner still keep your home comfortable? On those really hot and humid days, when the UV rays are their strongest, will the solar panels melt? 

There are a lot of questions about solar power, understandably so, right? After all, can solar panels support air conditioning? The main issue to powering air conditioning is the amount of electricity it takes. On average, an air conditioner uses over 1kw of power and a solar panel system ranges as little as 2kw and up to 4kw. This means that your air conditioner will use up most of the solar energy your panels create. 

This is a variable-speed heat pump style cooling system that operates directly from current that sun powered photovoltaic panels produce. In straight terms,  it is  using DC power – directly – and doesn’t have any of the associated power loss as you with an AC-DC inverter. 

What is there to know about solar driven air conditioning system? 

The hot summer sun adds to your energy bill, right? It doesn’t have to though with solar air conditioner. Instead of the sun heating up the outside and causing your current air conditioner to work harder, about it make an air conditioner cool better? That would be pretty awesome wouldn’t it? 

Well it is happening in homes more and more every year. Solar energy is a harnessed source of power. This can actually help lower your cooling and heating cost. The sun  has an abundance of sustainable energy that can be converted into energy for your home for free. Why not take advantage of it?  If you’re not sure about solar air conditioner, read these six facts that will probably surprise you: 

  1. You may not have to have a completely new HVAC system installed to use solar air conditioner. You may be able to have your current HVAC system modified with a solar powered air conditioning kit. .
  2. In addition to the savings on your monthly energy bills, solar air conditioner may have federal and state tax credits available to offset the installation costs. 
  3. Your home’s value will increase with updated energy efficient cooling and heating system. 
  4. When the sun’s energy isn’t power the HVAC system,  it is used to power other appliances like the refrigerator.
  5. Some utility companies allow you to sell back extra energy when your system is tied into the grid. Watch your utility meter run in reverse.
  6. Many solar air conditioner systems have monitor performance that shows you each day how much money you’re saving.  

Does solar air conditioning work?

If you, like so many other homeowners are wondering “Are solar air conditioners any good?”, the answer is yes! Solar air conditioners work just as good as conventional ones, but better when you consider the amount of money you’re saving on your monthly energy bill. In fact, many homeowners say their energy bills are cut in half with solar air conditioners.  

On the average Americans spend over $15 billion annual to cool their homes. That much cooling releases as much as 140 million tons of carbon dioxide into the environment. That makes our climate warmer, then we run the air conditioner more. 

Additionally, carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is a contribution to our climate change, which has been increasing 100 parts per million since 1950. Solar air conditioner can curb the use of those systems and processes.

If you had to choose one, solar powered air conditioner or a refrigerator, which would be the better choice? Being that refrigerated food can spoil, and if you have a solar power system that doesn’t have a battery backup, go with solar power air conditioner.  

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Is solar air conditioning worth it?

Solar air conditioners work just like traditional split air conditioning systems, but they don’t use power from the grid. You’ll want to get the right number of solar panels to match the size of the solar air conditioner system, which is typically between 2 to 6 solar panels. Call 478-781-9107 today for your solar air conditioner in Macon, GA.