Fan Coil Unit Repair

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Regulate Temperatures

Inconsistent temperatures in your home can lead to discomfort as well as overworked systems and high energy costs. When you need a cost-efficient way to regulate the temperature in a specific area of your home, a fan coil unit may be ideal. These units are effective and affordable and can be easily installed as a supplement to your current system or as a stand-alone unit. Call our Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC experts at 478-781-9107 to find out if a fan coil unit in Macon, GA is right for your home.

What is a Fan Coil Unit?

A fan coil unit is a simple heating and cooling solution mounted on a wall or ceiling, as well as a freestanding floor unit. This simple device consists predominately of a fan and a heating and cooling coil that are encased in a metal housing. It works by receiving either hot or cold water from a central source, which then flows through the coil lines. Through radiant heat transfer, the air moving over the coil can either pick up or lose heat. They are good choices when looking for an economical way to add some climate control to areas like long hallways, loading areas, storage, and similar places due to their simplicity. To learn more about the benefits of a fan coil unit in Macon, GA, call our technicians today at 478-781-9107.

Fan Coil Unit Installation and Repair

Fan coil units can go by various names such as blower units, swamp coolers, and other various titles, depending on the make or model. They are known for their long lifespan and ease of use and typically operate with little maintenance. Like traditional air conditioning units, these systems are sturdy and durable, but can sometimes experience leaks, fan damage, and line deterioration. Our experts can inspect your system and provide realistic repair solutions to get your unit going again fast. To schedule an installation or repair of your fan coil unit in Macon, GA, call our experts at 478-781-9107. Total Comfort Cooling & Heating, LLC provides efficient, comprehensive service to ensure your unit works at optimal levels for years to come.