3 Tips to Maximize HVAC SEO Potential in Macon, GA

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HVAC SEO is a strategy to help companies rank on Google and other search engines. As an HVAC company in Macon, GA, we’ve used HVAC SEO to help us reach new customers in our service areas. Some people view SEO as a trick or tactic, but it’s a method to help consumers.

Of course, some marketers use SEO the wrong way, which is called black-hat SEO. These tactics violate Google’s guidelines and the guidelines of other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Furthermore, these techniques rarely help the end user (i.e., the website visitor). As a result, we ensure we only use white-hat SEO.

Below, Total Comfort Heating and Cooling outlines three SEO tips to maximize the reach of an HVAC company on search engines in 2023:

1) Create a Website For Your Target Customers

In recent years, Google has gotten better at rewarding websites that cater to their target customers. For example, the August 2022 Helpful Content Update places a greater emphasis on content written for real people as opposed to search engines. 

In our case, we publish content for our target customers, individuals requiring air conditioning, heating, and air quality services. But, of course, dozens of sub-services fall underneath these broader categories, and our website addresses each with an individual page.

Another element of creating a positive user experience is showcasing a call to action. For example, your website’s phone number and submission form allow consumers to contact your business efficiently.

2) Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Some HVAC companies must realize that Google has two separate algorithms for traditional organic and Google Maps results. The latter is mainly based on your Google Business Profile. However, your website, which you can connect to your GMB listing, is also a factor for Google Maps.

The first step is claiming your Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business listing) which makes your company eligible to rank in the Google Map 3-Pack. You cannot rank in the 3-pack without one. From there, you can optimize your listing with photos and business information and connect your primary website URL.

The Google Maps algorithm is based on proximity, relevance, and prominence. As a result, your chances of rankings increase when the user is searching close by your listed business address. You can also hide your Google My Business address by marking your company as a service area business (SAB. However, the algorithm still uses unlisted addresses to measure the user’s proximity.

3) Create Branded Signals With Social Proof

We mentioned Google’s Helpful Content Update, which emphasizes content made for users instead of search engines. A great example of this kind of content is social proof. Reviews, recent jobs, and unique photos are examples of social proof and help build trust and credibility for your local HVAC business.

Our website features a reviews page with a Google API to pull reviews directly from our Google Business Profile. Visitors can now read through our reviews from a verified 3rd-party source. Unfortunately, some companies make the mistake of taking screenshots of reviews, which users or search engines do not trust because they can be doctored.

Another example of social proof on our website is our pins page. This page showcases recent jobs we’ve performed throughout our various service areas. The pins feature captions of our jobs and geo-coordinates to show the location where the job was completed.

Final Thoughts on SEO for HVAC Companies

SEO can be an excellent tool to help your brand content with your target customers. Sometimes, SEO gets a lousy reputation because some marketers use it primarily for manipulation. However, with the proper help and execution. SEO can work wonders for your local HVAC company and become a win-win for companies and customers.