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See How A Wine Cellar Can Complement Your Property

A wine cellar can be a great implementation to have to your property when you have a collection of wine that needs proper storage for a longer amount of time. It will allow for easy access to your wine collection all in one place that’s easy to access and will have the proper environment to have wine last for years to come while getting richer in the process. As there are specific conditions that must be maintained to properly store your wine in a wine cellar make sure to do your research and get in touch with a company that has the experience and expertise in the field of creating wine cellar cooling units. Here is some general background information regarding a  wine cellar that can be helpful to you with your wine storage endeavors.

What is a wine cellar called?

A wine cellar is a storage facility for wine bottles, barrels, amphorae carboys, or plastic containers.  A wine cellar will have different names depending on where it’s located yet it can still be referred to a as wine cellar for all intents and purposes. That being said, an aboveground wine cellar is called a wine room while a smaller wine cellar of 500 bottles or less is often termed as a wine closet.

Does a wine cellar have to be underground?

A wine cellar can be underground or above ground, yet in either case, it’s critical to have proper ventilation and cooling. 

Why do you keep wine in a cellar?

A wine cellar is kept in order to control temperatures and ensure the environment to keep wine is stable for optimal storage. With changing temperatures wine corks will expand and contract which will lead to the oxidation of wines. With conditions that are too dry, the cork will shrink which can cause wine leakage.

What makes a good wine cellar?

What makes a good wine cellar is having a dark and closed space that won’t be permeated by odd smells or bothered by vibrations and noise. Although it must be ventilated it should also be protected from any incoming drafts. The reason ventilation is essential is so that dampness and musty smells won’t contaminate the wine bottles.

How do you insulate a wine cellar?

A common vapor barrier used with a wine cellar is 6 mil polyethylene sheets aka Visqueen. This material should be wrapped around the entirety of the wine cellar on the outside (the warm side) of the insulation. This is important in order to have an airtight seal when the wine cellar door is closed so no airflow will enter or leave the space other than the ventilation system that has been implemented for proper wine storage.

How big should my wine cellar be?

Ultimately the size of your wine cellar will depend on the number of bottles that you have and the logistics of rack placements. For around 500 bottles and a little extra space to add new bottles, at least 25 square feet of space is recommended.

What temperature does a wine cellar need to be?

The ideal temperature for a wine cellar lies in the range of 45℉-65℉ with the perfect temperature often cited as 55℉, yet ultimately the right temperature range will depend on what you place in the wine cellar. You don’t just have to place just wine in a wine cellar as it can also hold space for a variety of beverages, herbs, and other things such as cigars. Don’t be too worried if temperatures are a few degrees warmer, as long as you open those bottles within a few years of their release you should be fine.

The bottles of the vein are laid out on the shelves. Bottles of wine on the shelves.

What else can you store in a wine cellar?

  • Beverages
  • Beer
    • Light Beer: 45-50℉
    • Standard Ales: 50-55℉
    • Strong Beers: 55-60℉
  • Fruits: 31-40℉
  • Vegetables: 38-42℉
  • Herbs
  • Aging Cheese: 50℉
    • Soft Cheese 35-45℉
    • Hard Cheese 40-50℉
  • Chocolate 60-75℉
  • Olive Oil 57℉
  • Cigars 
  • Aging Meat Dry & Wet 34-37℉

How long can I store wine?

Wine can be stored in a wine cellar for many years as it holds the right conditions for long-term storage. As such, when you un-cork and open wines they will have a shelf life. With opened reds, they should be used within two weeks while with opened whites they should be used within three days. This is due to the fact that that would be how long the natural flavor would last before it tastes either too “vinegary” or to “sour.” With red wines, make sure to have them brought to room temperature to have the best quality before drinking.

Does a wine cellar add value to your home?

A wine cellar is a great implementation to add to your home as it will raise the appraisal and value of a home. No matter the material that you choose to surround the room with like with glass or wood it will add a sense of sophistication and attract buyers.

Contact Your Local Professionals About Adding a Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is a great way to store your wine for a longer period of time and is a very attractive addition to a property at that. There are many different ways of implementing a wine cellar, yet if you’re interested in a professional and secure job being completed reach out to a professional to do the job of installing a wine cellar cooling unit. They will best be able to configure a system that will best work with your property, the number of bottles you have, as well as any other specifications and preferences that you may have. Enjoy an ease of mind with your wine collection and upgrade your property with an attractive wine cellar today.

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